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Sense of Time Skewed
churning butter 08
My sense of time is all skewed. I guess I mean that where I am in the week does not compute. This is, of course, because of my taking Monday off last week for my embassy appointment, people staying over Thursday night (which caused another late night and which would usually happen during a weekend), celebrating with people on Saturday, not going to church on Sunday, staying up too late reading on Sunday night, staying up Monday night with Grace and Blake, and then choir practice was last night instead of tonight because of Thanksgiving.

The combination of taking bits of time off, late nights (and more in succession/frequency than usual), and things happening at odd placements within the week, serves to completely and utterly discombobulate (which is a great word, by the way).

Tomorrow's meal is around lunchtime, which will hopefully mean that I go to bed at a reasonable hour that night so I'm not too tired at work on Friday.

Anyway. Not much more comes to mind to write at the moment.

I still love Verdi's Requiem, and I don't love the song "We need a little Christmas," which keeps getting stuck in my head.

Also, even though we're not performing the Messiah this year, I keep getting snatches of THAT piece in my head. I think it's because after doing it for three years in a row, my mind is now just used to going over it around December. Which is kinda funny. But I do miss it. I really love performing it.


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