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Child's Mind
Li Paint
Blather blee bloooop....hrm.

Whelp. It's Friday night. We've spent most of our time on the couch. Or in the kitchen getting snacks, which we've then eaten while sitting on the couch.

Right now Nate is trying to find the extra stars in Super Mario Galaxy just for fun...his love was rekindled after he played Super Mario Galaxy 2 with his nephews watching yesterday evening at his brother Mike's house.

I might play some Wario Smooth Moves later. It's been YEARS since I've played it- and I never quite unlocked all the mini-games.

I've spend QUITE a bit of time wandering the inter-tubes, and it's probably time for a change of pace.

Next week is a concert week. We'll have our Conductor and Piano rehearsal on Tuesday, Orchestra rehearsals Wed. and Thurs., and then performances during the weekend (I *think* one each on Fri. and Sat. nights and then a Sunday matinee. I have to check my choir calendar to be sure, though).

I listened to the old Bill Cosby routine about Noah (as in Noah and the Ark) yesterday evening and it STILL makes me laugh out loud, even though I know every background noise and every nuance of his voice. My parents have this old vinyl L.P. called "The Best of Bill Cosby."
It has a photo of young Bill on the record jacket and he's holding a cigar- but when I was of an elementary school age I thought he was holding a chicken leg. For YEARS I thought that. I didn't know what a cigar was, and he's holding something brown and oblong that reminded me of chicken, and I think there might be a shadow in the palm of his hand that is round and suggests the shape of a drumstick piece.

Well anyway. It's still funny to look back and realize how we as children tried, imperfectly, to understand the world through our very limited known references! I often assumed things based on what little I knew. I think it's a survival mechanism. There are so many unknowns when one is a child and one needs to at least believe one knows what's going on, at least I know I did. We try to figure things out or act/think based on building blocks we have that might or might not be appropriate.

Usually the end result is simply amusing...It ends up in an adult conversation when you finally take yourself less seriously enough to laughingly admit the funny things you thought, or thought you knew, when you were a child.


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