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And, Done!

Today is the last day of November, 2010.

I somehow managed to post every day this month! I honestly wasn't sure I'd keep it up.

Thanks to Lisa and Pete for reading and commenting (and thanks to anyone else who stopped by)- I didn't expect anyone at all to be reading this thing. :)

Now it's onto Project December, in which I try to survive on less sleep and less time at home while preparing for concerts AND somehow getting Christmas shopping done while not getting cranky.....and hopefully I'll avoid taking any of the aforementioned difficulties out on poor Nate!
He's a trooper :)

Actually, getting the shopping done is not so bad once I get the gift ideas- I'll do almost all of it online and have it shipped directly to my parents' house.

And of course, this December isn't as crazy as last year's, since I only have two concert weeks instead of three AND we're not gearing up to travel to another country after we visit my family.

Of course I kinda wish we WERE going on another trip - hopefully we will within the next year!

Meanwhile I do miss Costa Rica with its warm air, open air restaurants, huge plants, and hammocks everywhere (just to name a few perks!). I definitely hope we can go back someday!

In some ways, life becomes simplified during the weeks in which I have so much concert-related activity. My life gets distilled down to just a few things: eating, sleeping, working, driving, singing (and reading during breaks at work, or at choir if I'm not talking to any of my alto buddies).

Bonus points come in the extra moments with Nate...I so appreciate how he supports my involvement in the MCP.

Well, I'd better get to bed...long day tomorrow and I won't be at home until late at night.

Buenas noches, Ar labu nakti, and Good Night!

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